When the market is travelling well, making money in property seems a cinch.

But property is a long term game and if you are about to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars, you need to ensure you get it right.

You need to find residential properties that are truly investment grade - assets which lead the market during an upturn and hold their value when times are tough - and you also need to know how to structure a plan so that your investment is as safe and rewarding as it can be.

To help you on your journey, we have put together this quiz which will help analyse how much you know about buying an investment grade property and if there are any gaps in your plan.

Based on the book PROPERTY PROSPERITY - 7 Steps to Investing Like an Expert the quiz has become a trusted tool for shaping your property portfolio. Find out just how you rate when it comes to investing in residential property - Australia's favourite way to secure financial independence.


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Your Plan
Making a start
Investment planning
Understanding risk

Research and Advice
Expert advice
Gathering information
Research questions

Securing an outcome
Knowing the rules
Negotiating a purchase
Managing a portfolio

This assessment measures you on these 9 key factors
needed to help you properly assess your property investment skills.

  1. 1Your Property Journey
  2. 2Documented Plan
  3. 3Getting Advice
  4. 4Managing Risk
  5. 5Team of Experts
  6. 6Research
  7. 7Information
  8. 8Knowing the Rules
  9. 9Reviewing a Portfolio

Rate your property expertise!
Are you a property guru?

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